Friday, April 26, 2019
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OPEN247 Clients:


Industry: Shotgun and Ammunition Supplier
Site Design


Cheema Tool and Manufacturing
Industry: Machining / Tool and Die Fabricator
Site Redesign


Chinook Dental
Industry: Dental
Site Redesign


Dental Implant Centre
Industry: Dental
Site Redesign



Existing Elements
Industry: Real Estate Staging / Interior Redecorating
Site Redesign


Fashion Has No Borders
Industry: Fashion / Designers


FHNB Any Woman
Industry: Fashion


FNHB New Starz
Industry: Fashion / Talent Competition


Hawk Machine Works
Industry: CNC Machine Shop
Site Design



Jordan Stinson
Industry: Personal Website / Resume
Site Creation


Montgomery BRZ
Industry: Community Website
Site Creation


Precision Plumbing
Industry: Plumbing - Calgary
Site Creation


Rent Rural
Industry: Rental Properties
Site Redesign


Smart Executive
Industry: Office Rental / Virtual Office
Site Creation


Industry: Oil and Gas / Mining
Site Creation


The Inner Sleeve
Industry: Music / New and Used Vinyl, CD, DVD, Magazines
Site Creation